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Additional Services : Changing Perspectives

Jan Irwin - Counsellor



I have over 25 years experience of developing and delivering support services for people experiencing significant relationship difficulties and relationship breakdown.


I have a particular interest in developing effective services for people involved in domestic abuse and relationship trauma. I worked as an adviser and advocate for women surviving domestic abuse for over 10 years. I helped develop and manage an innovative domestic abuse intervention service that provided therapeutic support to both male and female domestic abuse perpetrators and male and female survivors.


I chair a multi-agency Domestic and Sexual Violence Forum, and have developed my knowledge and expertise in this area of work.


I can provide consultancy services for organisations wanting to develop pyschologically informed domestic abuse policies, survivor support services and intervention programmes for male and female perpetrators.


Staff support:

I can also provide emotional and practical support, and mentoring for front line managers and staff teams who are delivering domestic abuse support and intervention services.







I can provide bespoke training packages for organisations that want to increase their awareness, skills and knowledge about working with domestic violence and abuse (DVA).


I can design and deliver half day or full day training modules for your staff team, ranging from a basic level of DVA awareness raising, through to a more advanced, trauma informed understanding of the pyschological aspects of domestic violence and abuse.


For example, I can explain the latest thinking on attachment theory, trauma and abuse, and how these theories can inform models of DVA intervention.


I will work with you to develop the most appropriate level of training for your organisation's needs.






If you are interested in my training, or consultancy services,

please contact me to discuss your requirements.


I will work with you to decide how best to meet your organisation's

development needs, as well as discuss the costs that would be involved.

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